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How to get started in a cybersecurity career

as an IT professional who wants to get into information security but feels stuck or overwhelmed by all the information...

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Learn with our system how to become one of the top-level hackers and get a high paying career in cybersecurity.

  • Learn how to hack like the pros 
  • Get career advice specifically for this industry
  • ​Improve your life quality with a more fulfilling career

With our program you will be ready for the cybersecurity industry within a few months instead of the years of fumbling around that others do.

Pablo Brusseel

What I Do

I help IT Professionals get a job in cybersecurity by teaching them the technical skills and best mindsets necessary for the job.

The goal of our training: Get you started in a career in cybersecurity.


  • IT Professionals
  • People who want to start an Ethical Hacking career
  • People who want to upgrade their current career

I helped 73 IT Professionals get a high paying career in cybersecurity in the last year. So in total we raised the annual income of the people in the program to more than 1.2 million dollar!


  • Equip you with all the basic to advanced hacking techniques used by the pros.
  • Quit toying around with random hacking knowledge and focus on what really works.
  • Creating a personal & flexible career plan to get you started making money in the information security industry.

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About Pablo Brusseel

Pablo giving a seminar in Hungary

Our founder & coach Pablo Brusseel speaking at a conference in Hungary.

Pablo helps IT professionals and hacking enthusiasts to get a career in cybersecurity. Thereby he focuses on both teaching the technical skills as well as the mindsets to make more money in the industry.

He shows to use all the hacking techniques used by the pros without spending years trying to figure things out with random books, YouTube videos or other unnecessary bullsh*t that delivers no results. 

This is no 50-video crash course filled with theory (which you probably know pretty well) but a highly practical and personal program. 

Your goal is easily achieved if you fall back on a proven concept that gets you the career you want so you can make money doing what you absolutely love.

What does the application-process look like?

1. You apply for the free consultation call.

In the first step you have to go to my  short application form. By filling it out you are giving me some informations about your current situation and yourself so I know how I can help you the best.

2. We will send you an email with extra information

In the second step we will send you an email containing the information about the call, as well as some tips on how to prepare for the call so you get the most value out of it.

3. We talk about your current situation and goals.

In the last step we will have a consultation call of 45-60 minutes. In our call we will create an individual step by step plan for your current situation.

Client Results

Student Thijs

"Thanks for the immense value!"

- Thijs W.

  • Problem: Thijs couldn't market himself well to potential employers, leaving him with a lot of unused potential.
  • Solution: I completely rethought his social media and together we created a new strategy for getting a new job.
  • Result: He is now working at a company that pays him way more and uses his strengths better. 
Student Aryan

"You really make me grow!"

- Aryan H.

  • Problem: He wanted to quit his job and become an entrepreneur. Making money from his own clients.
  • Solution: I gave him a step by step progress of how to start freelancing and grow into an agency.
  • Result: He quit his job and is now making money doing what he loves (and he has more free time).
Student Fatih

"I now know how easy it is to hack like a professional."

- Fatih B.

  • Problem: Fatih was a programmer that wanted to get into Ethical Hacking but didn't know where to start.
  • Solution: I gave him a step by step system from basic to advanced explaining all the hacking techniques he needs.
  • Result: Now can use his security knowledge to make his own applications more secure!

A quick look inside the Hacker Mentoring Program

  • Weekly Live-Calls with your mentors
  • Over 300 videos covering every single subject
  • Practical exercises for you to practice your skills
  • Cheat Sheets & Tools to make your hacker-life easier
  • 24/7 support for all your questions
HackerMentoring Program
  • The Fundamentals of Networking, Linux and Windows
  • Scripting in Bash, Python and PowerShell
  • Explanation of various protocols such as HTTP, DNS, ARP, SSH, LDAP, LLMNS, ...
  • Hacking Websites and WebApplications using attacks such as XSS, CSRF, SSRF, IDOR, SQL Injection, LFI, RFI, ...
  • Hacking Windows and Linux computers to gain full control over them
  • Hacking Active Directory Network and moving through it
  • Hacking Mobile Apps for both iOS and Android
  • Developing your own exploits using buffer overflows
  • Social Engineering attacks and gaining physical access to offices
  • How to write reports for your customers
  • How to prepare for interviews in the infosec industry
  • Get more Bug Bounties easily without wasting time
  • Get clients easily if you want to become a freelancer
  • ​...

The Team

Pablo Brusseel

Pablo Brusseel

Head Coach and Managing Director

Pablo is most of his time working with clients and is constantly improving his training programs. His goal is always to increase the results of the customer. That is why he is working a lot on new methods and systems to get people the most up-to-date information about what's happening in the infosecurity world.

Midas Roelandt

Midas Roelandt

Career Coach & Success Manager

Midas is helping Pablo with coaching new clients. He is an expert in getting people in the right mindset and knows exactly how to talk to employers or clients to get the career the clients want to pursue.

After an intense consulting session with Midas, the clients get a massive breakthrough because of new strategies which helps them to sell themselves better.

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